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Concussions are the result of a direct blow to the head resulting into stress to the brain tissue. Characterized by persistent headaches, nausea, dizziness and difficulty in concentrating along with ringing in ears, concussion can affect daily activities. It can be a traumatic brain injury alternating the functions of the brain.

While most concussions last for 7 to 10 days and get resolved by themselves, the recovery depends on the individual. If the symptoms of concussion persist, it is advised to consult the best physiotherapist to get a proper analysis of the situation and understand the corrective steps. The effect of concussion depends on person to person and hence an individual treatment plan to manage post-concussion symptoms becomes essential.

At FeelGood Physio and Fitness in Mississauga, our team of experienced physiotherapists excels in providing individual treatment plans based on patient’s symptoms. By using a combination of treatments like Manual therapy, Balance retraining, visual rehabilitation, Exercise therapy and Vertigo treatment, we implement the best treatment plans for concussion management. Our well experienced physiotherapists work with you to develop individual recovery programs and alter them as per the progress of the patient.