Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Injury & Post Surgical Rehabilitation

A surgeon helps in the initial emergency situation of the body , but the post-surgery rehabilitation is usually in the hands of the patient and caregivers. Surgery and the prior disorder make the body weak and frail. Any surgical procedure has a lot of consequences or complications like swelling, non-healing sutures, a decrease in strength, and inability to walk. Likewise, patients with injuries like meniscus tears, muscle injuries, fractures, and sprains, also face limited movement. One has to gradually initiate movements through a set of exercises which are progressive in nature. Certain mild exercises and a few breathing patterns help in the rehabilitation of such patients.

At Feel Good Physio & Fitness, we believe that any surgery or injury should not inhibit your lifestyle. Injuries or disorders should not define who you are. We help you in regaining a normal routine. Our highly qualified and practitioners will help you take the crucial steps towards post-surgery recovery.

Let us get together and lead our lives without any hindrance!

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