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Acupuncture Treatment

Traditional Acupuncture Therapy is based on ancient principles and is being used as a healing technique for thousands of years. Numerous clinical studies have revealed the benefits of acupuncture in successfully treating a large array of conditions, right from insomnia to infertility, and musculoskeletal problems to anxiety. Acupuncture helps improve the body's functions and promotes a natural process where the body begins to self-heal. This is achieved by stimulating specific acupuncture points or acupoints.

The treatment involves penetrating the skin with sterile and fine needles. This is done to influence the patterns of energy flow through the body. Mild electrical stimulation, pressure, and heat may be used on certain occasions to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Our trained Acupuncturists devise an individualized treatment plan based upon your health history. Using various unique health assessment tools, our skilled practitioners recommend and use a line of treatment that addresses the specific locations of the body which experience pain and illness. We ensure minimal, negligible, or no discomfort to you by being most gentle in our methods.

The number and frequency of sessions will depend upon how complex, chronic, or long- standing your issue is. We believe that each patient is unique and thus they require different acupuncture treatments. At Feel Good Physio & Fitness, we are a team of healthcare professionals that strives to bring a sustainable change to your body taking care of your individual health needs.

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